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Beijing Hangtian Kadi Technology Development Institute is composed of experts and technical personnel who are engaged in aerospace materials and biomedical engineering, and has been committed to development and production of high-tech medical devices in the fields of implantation, intervention and minimally invasive.

Institute academic leaders and the development team led by the leaders have firstly and successfully developed China-made artificial mechanical heart valves, heart valve dilation balloon catheters, microwave treatment urinary catheter and ZW-1 implantable drug pumps (implantable drug-supplying devices) at home. In recent years, they dedicated to the development of high-tech products in the minimally invasive field, and have successively developed and produced cardiac surgery products such as off-pump coronary artery bypass heart stabilizer, etc.; auxiliary devices such as incision protection, incision retraction, incision sealing and puncture homeostasis and the like used in minimally invasive surgery small incision and endoscopic surgery; laparoscopic ovarian cyst aspirator, Uterine manipulator injection in gynecologic minimally invasive surgery.

The institute has more than ten products and patented technology through independent research and development. The products and techniques passed various links such as comparison and review of bid, testing, clinical examination and approval with high efficiency in patent implementation, product conversion and product registration, realized localization in the first time, open market, and occupied the leading-edge product field.

The institute adheres to the enterprise culture that "quality is our life, innovation can make progress, and integrity is growth power", establishes a strict quality management system, achieves excellence, and constantly creates new products through strong technical force, enterprise development is combined with trade progress and social responsibility, we forge ahead, benefit the majority of patients, and are willing to work with all friends for common development hand in hand.

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